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A: We honor most insurances, including Medicare and Auto Insurances.


A: No. We bill your auto insurance directly on your behalf.  Read More FAQ's...

Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment Questions

What can I expect of my first visit?

A private conultation with the chiropractor where a medical history will be taken including your current symptoms, health concerns, nutritional needs, possible X-Rays and more. A complete consult and exam should take around 30 minutes. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete paperwork and bring your photo ID along with your health insurance card and if you were involved in an auto accident with the past 12 months, bring your auto insurance information and claim number. If you have an attorney, please bring your attorney's information with you to your appointment.

Does it hurt to receive an adjustment?

You should not experience pain during your adjustment. While you will feel the adjustment, most patients report immediate relief after an adjustment, "pressure relief". If you've never received an adjustment from a chiropractor before, or if you've had a negative experience with a chiropractor in the past, please discuss your concerns and questions with the doctor.

Why do I have to keep returning?

This is a question many patients have who do not understand the nature of chiropractic treatment. If you've been out of alignment for an extended period of time, the muscles have tightened and will pull your spine back into the unaligned position. Regular adjustments will correct this. Combining massage therapy with your adjustments will enhance your adjustments and help them to hold longer. Once we have you to a maintenance point, occassional adjustments will keep things aligned properly. Keeping your spine properly aligned will help to prevent injury. Ask yourself this, should you see a dentist regularly?

Can babies and children receive adjustments?

Yes. We treat families all the time.

Will I need to disrobe for my appointments?

No, you will remain fully clothed, unless you are receiving massage therapy. If you are receiving massage therapy, you will be asked to disrobe the area that the massage therapist will be working on.

How long does a typical appointment in your office last?

Initial exams last about 30 minutes. Paperwork for new patients can take 15-20 minutes. Adjustments are done fairly quickly and massage appointments are time based from 30-90 minutes, depending upon your treatment.

Are there any at home therapies that might help me?

Yes and the chiropractor and/or massage therapist will discuss what therapeutic exercises and/or treatments you should be doing at home.

Can I exercise after an adjustment?

Typically yes, but discuss your exercise regimen and conditoins with the doctor before exercising and especially if you are changing your normal workout or have recently been in injured in an auto accident or experienced any other type of injury or pain.

If I'm not in pain, do I need an adjustment?

Chiropractors focus not just on injury but on preventive care. Regular chiropractor exams and spinal manipulations have numerous health and immune system benefits, so regular adjustments are recommended. The chiropractor will advise you on how often you should come into the office for treatment.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Questions:

If I'm in and accident, should I see the doctor even if I feel okay?

Yes, you should immediately notify our office if you've been involved in an auto accident. Even if it seems like a minor fender bender, you can experience symptoms later on and it may be too late to file a claim on your auto insurance benefits. Florida passed a new PIP Law Bill in 2012. The new bill provides strict and rather biased definitions of what constitutes medical treatments and covered injuries. Accident victims now must seek medical treatment within a narrow 14 day (two week) window from the accident and only from specified licensed medical physicians. Call our office immediately so that we can help you establish a claim in necessary. If you find you don't need treatment later on, at least you'll have had the option available to you.

Who pays the medical bills when I'm injured in a car accident?

Medical bills are filed with your auto insurance company first. Florida is a no fault state, meaning your auto insurance pays your medical bills. If there is another, at fault party, your insurance company may attempt to recover losses from the at fault party's insurance. Speak with our office for guidance, we're happy to help you sort through the ins and outs of auto accident injury claims. We are not attorneys, and therefore recommend you seek legal advice from a qualified attorney. A legitimate and qualified attorney should provide you with a free consultation.

Should I hire an attorney if I've been injured or involved in a car accident?

Many of our patients ask us this quesiton and the short answer is, we are not attorneys so we cannot advise you either way. If you have quesitons and are unsure if you need an attorney, speak with an attorney directly. A legitimate attorney should provide you with a free consultaiton to help you determine if you need legal representation.


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